Twitter and the way kids are using it to communicate with adult stars.

Has it ever occurred to you that as a mother your teen might be exposed to pornography over the internet? There is heavy debate to how healthy it is for a child to be browsing images and videos of women taking their cloths off for fun and profit. What makes me wonder the most is, does the business plan of it all justify the means of exposure? Not many women get into the porn industry, but lots wish they would have. Some do amateur, some do really hard stuff and never complain about it. For instance, porn stars like Mason Moore have been in the adult industry for many years without anyone giving them any type of complaints.

When it comes to the world of women getting nude and doing acts that other women only do in their bedrooms, we need to realize that these acts are in fact what make children and are natural. But, there is a big “but” here, these acts have always been private up until the invention of the camera, and video camera. Think about it, back in the day there wasn’t pornography like there is today. People didn’t go to a random strangers house and pay him money to be able to sit on a couch and watch the two stranger engage in soft-core or hard-core sex acts with each other. Other times with many couples themselves. So as more and more kids can think back to memories of their first time being exposed to sex and porno on the internet, a huge majority can now link that to it coming from a social network site like twitter or tinypic. Sites that don’t censor what women post and allow women to expose their breasts and everything else that’s private.

Are Children Smoking Weed at an Alarming rate now that it’s legalized?

The new trend among teens in the cities where marijuana has been legalized is to obtain some from, not a drug dealer, not a random person off the street, but from an adult instead. You might think this is something revolutionary and new to the whole buying pot industry but all one needs to do is look at the alcohol industry to understand that this would happen. Think about it this way, many members of families that had a problem with drinking would also have that problem passed down to their children. How would they obtain booze to drink, well simple, have an adult buy it for them. In this day and age kids, teens, and young adults are doing the same thing, they’re having grownups buy weed legally, and then they’re obtaining it from them.

You might think this is a moral dilemma of sorts but let’s look at the facts. Would you rather have your kids smoking pot with random strangers in dark alleys or at home with their parents? Would you rather they risk documenting their childhood inside of a prison cell because they got busted, or be at home with their parents who are taking pictures of them lighting up their first doobie? I know that if kids will want to try something nothing will stop them so they might as well do it in a safe environment.

Now that growing up, preserving memories, and cherishing our gifts of life with one another are so common place, it’s no mystery to us that some people want to preserve these life events while they are baked off some cannabis. You don’t have to fit the stereotypical bud smoker persona to get high, in fact some people learn how to make weed tea and drink that to get buzzed. As far as we’re concerned, we just want to make sure our children are safe and not engaging in contact with pot heads who are deemed not suitable for our child’s life. So lets all take a lesson from the page of puff the magic dragon and realize we need to educate and inform the youth about the dangers, risks, and benefits of using ganja either on a daily basis, as a one time thing, or habitually throughout all of life.

My Life As It Started

Tvisha, we all know that you were born in Manhattan New York, and mommy and appa (daddy) ‘picked you up’ from the ‘hostipal’ :-) .

Today appa is going to tell you all I know about how and where I was born, and how my parents arrived at my name.

I was born in the town of Sion in Bombay (now called Mumbai), India on January 13, 1966 sometime early in the morning at the Rohini Merchant Hospital, a small and popular hospital at that time.

The hospital was only a block away from the apartment we lived in. You have stayed at that apartment during your first visit ever to India in 2007 as a one year old baby.

My mother (your paati) was admitted to the hospital the previous night, as instructed by the doctor. The doctor had indicated to my father (Sion Thaatha) that they might need to do a cesarean operation to get me out. So thaatha signed on the consent form and came back home.

During those days, no one, including the daddy was allowed into the delivery room. When thaatha reached the hospital the next morning, the doctor confirmed that they would have to indeed do the cesarean procedure since I was a big baby. Thaatha said all right.

After I was delivered, the doctor informed thaatha that everything went well, I was fine and being taken care of, and that paati was resting but still hadn’t come around. Being a very practical person, thaatha thought he wasn’t adding value being in the hospital, and took off to work!

When he returned in the evening, paati gave him a dress down and fired him left, right and and center! I found this totally hilarious, although I very much realize her reasoning. Thaatha does feel today it was indeed very foolish on his part to have made that decision.

Oh yes, by the way Tvisha, I was a celebrity at the hospital for a few days since I weighed 9.5 lbs, which was an all time record at the hospital at that time. Well, 9.5 lbs may not be all that big, but remember I was being compared to the average Indian baby :-) .

By tradition, in our culture back then, the first son takes his grandfather’s name from his daddy’s side, and the second son takes the name of the grandfather from his mommy’s side.

Being that I was the second son, they gave me the name of paati’s father, Rama. My grandfather’s name was T. Rama Iyer.

Paati felt that it would be very insulting to her daddy if she called me out by my name casually in his presence. So I went through a name change and ended up being called Sriram. Not a bad choice for a name, huh? :-)

Grandma’s Junior and Senior Year

During my junior year in high school, I had to miss quite a bit of school because my mother had to be gone to help take care of my grandpa Duncan, who was ill. School seemed a little dull because Jack had graduated, but I got along quite well without him. On March 21-22, 1946 we presented the junior play, “The Funny Brats.” I played a comical old grandma, which was a lot of fun. It went off well and was a great success.


On April 11, I was surprised with a proposal of marriage and a (small) diamond ring from Jack. He thought he was going to have to go to the army because he had been called to take a physical exam and was class as 1-A. However, before they called him for boot camp, the war was over and the government dropped the draft. Anyway, I accepted if I could finish high school before marriage.

During the summer of 1946, I worked for Winifred all summer cleaning house, washing, ironing, canning etc. Timmy Dale, second nephew, was born July 30 and then more work began–washing diapers and helping with the baby was added to my duties.

Bob and Wauneta were married August 4, 1946. I was the bridesmaid and I think I was more nervous than the bride. They lived in Coffeyville afterwards so I didn’t get to see them much.

Class President

As soon as school started, I had to quit my work. I was elected president of the senior class and editor of the school paper, “Pirate Plunder.” The Pirate Plunder took lots of time and I got lots of purple hands but it was fun.

Our class had many parties this year. WWII was over and soldiers were coming home and some were returning to school. We had several returning navy and army guys who came into our Senior class and who would graduated in May 1947. Therefore, we had a “Welcome Home” party for them.

On Halloween of the fall semester of my senior year, our high school music group had been asked by Leib school to sing at their box supper. After we had sung and talked some, a car load of girls and boys drove into Edna and was immediately arrested by Tom Hittle, city marshall, for stealing someone’s car as a Halloween prank. He took us to drive to the community building, where he put us in jail.

We were in jail singing and having a crazy time, when Tom came and released us. Some of the music group had come into town and told Tom that we had been at Leib. He hadn’t believed us but we now had evidence of being out of town. Fun!!

Since I was the only child at home, my parents and I drove to Selman, Oklahoma to spend Thanksgiving with our relatives, the Clarks. We hadn’t visited them since the last visit in the early 1940s. We enjoyed visiting, shopping and eating.

Soon Christmas will be over and a New Year will begin. Who knows what the future will hold? Only time will tell.

Wanda, Senior English 1947

Family History: Grandma’s Teen Years

Freshman Year

I thought my high school year would be something new and something to look forward to.  My freshman year was exciting with initiation and all the school events.  I had my first date with a boy, Jack Goodwin.  We triple dated with Wauneta and Red Lee, Dorsey Triplett and Marvin Seger.

I played basketball with Betty Simmons and Polly Carter.  We won a few games and lost a few but it was fun.  I thought third hour study hall was crazy.  The Juniors and Seniors were in there with Miss Denny as our teacher.  The upper class boys got by with murder.

On February 9, 1944, Linda Sue, Wauyaugh’s second daughter, was born.  I was kind of disappointed because I wanted her to be a boy; but she is still awfully sweet.  But wasn’t able to see her much because they lived near Welch, OK.

A Summer of Work

The summer of 1944 was another summer of work because there continued to be no help available.  Wauneta and I rode the binder, drove the grain truck, scooped grain and helped put up hay as well as doing chores.  I also carried water horseback to the thrashing crew.  Summer seemed to be hot and long.


It was nice to have school start but chores still had to be done before we went to school and when we got home from school.  During my sophomore year, Jack Goodwin and I dated some.  We doubled dated with Floyd Morgan and Virginia Stine most of the time.  But, sometimes Jack would go to MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship) with me.

During his junior year in high school and my sophmore year, we attended a revival at Baptist church and he went forward to accept Jesus Christ as his savior.  However, our relationship was kind of rocky because Jack was so jealous of Bill Long and Gordon Carter, who had been my good friends ever since 4th grade.

High School Activities

I was also elected cheerleader with Martha Hayes, Eloise Thomas and Virginia Stine.  We prepared and presented lots of dialogues for pep chapel, which was fun.  In December, we helped prepare for the football banquet at the Methodist church which was exciting and loads of fun.  The football team had done well with Marvin Seger as quarterback and Jack was half-back.

In November, mother, dad and I went to Corpus Christi to see Guy’s graduation from Navy flight school and to see him awarded his Ensign wings.  We rode a bus to Corpus Christi so I saw lots of new country and scenery.  I remember going shopping in the stores and hearing people speak Spanish, which I had never heard before.  I, also, remember sitting on steps by our hotel looking out over this big body of water, which was the Gulf of Mexico.  Lots of sights, scenery and people I had never experienced before.

Because the Senior class at EHS (Edna High School) was so small, they asked me to play the part of Cynthia in their Senior play, “This Thing Called Love.”  I was to play opposite of Jack.  It was fun but Jack and I were off and on throughout the practice and had broken-up by the time of presentation.  Crazy!  But the play was fun and went off well.

At the end of the year assembly, I received a school letter for my basketball, music and academics.  I had also kept football “stats” for Mr. Carter, coach.  He had asked me because he knew I had played football, understood the game of football and how to record yardage.  I felt honored to get to do it for him.

When school was out that year, I worked for Virginia Burnett.  She had a new baby.  I worked for her all summer when I wasn’t helping dad.  I took care of the baby, cooked, did laundry and cleaned house.  I, also, worked for Bessie Dean before and after Wallie was born on August 4.  I was glad to have my first nephew to play with but I was too busy to play with him very much.

5 Easy Steps to Record YOUR youth

The stories of your youth are a priceless gift to your children, grandchildren, and your friends. Have you ever considered writing them down? Here are the five easy steps to recording your youth with the help of this blog while receiving the encouragement of other bloggers.

crayon boy

1.Follow the blog one of these ways:

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2. Have a blog where you can post your stories, and NO you don’t have to be a mom to join.
3. Post each week on Thursday according to the schedule below.
The post should take about 2-3 minutes of the reader’s time, sharing briefly what you remember about that year of your life. You can post longer but realize others may not be able to read all of it. Following a theme for your stories such as holidays, or lessons learned may be a fun way to tie them all together.
  1. October  7:   The story of your birth/How you got your name
  2. 14:  A story or highlights from your preschool-kindergarten years
  3. 21:  Age 6 or First Grade
  4. 28:  Age 7 or Second Grade
  5. Nov.       4:  Age 8 or Third Grade
  6. 11:  Age 9 or Fourth Grade
  7. 18:  Age 10 or Fifth Grade  Participants can stop if needed or new ones can join this week.
  8. 25: Thanksgiving BREAK
  9. Dec. 2:  Age 11 or Sixth Grade
  10. Dec.       9:  Age 12 or Seventh Grade
  11. 16:  Age 13 or Eighth Grade
  13. Dec.     30:  Age 15-16 Ninth and/or Tenth Grade
  14. Jan.        6:  Age 17-18  Eleventh Grade and/or Twelfth Grade
4. Come to and link up your post every Thursday.
Please leave a link to my blog or include my blog button in your post so that others can learn about the project.
Everyone will be placed in a “group” consisting of 8-10 people. The idea is to create community and to visit the people in your group each week and encourage each other by leaving comments.
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5. Win Prizes!When you finish all 12 weeks, you will be entered into a drawing to win one of three prizes. Prizes will be announced the beginning of October. There will also be giveaways for memory preserving items throughout the course of the project.

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