Testimonials: From the Participants

In a recent survey, I asked the participating moms what they would say if asked “Why should I record my youth and join the Mommy’s Piggy Tales project?”

  • Telling my stories has helped me see God’s hand and find me.
  • The community helped spark new memories. I wish I had my mother’s and grandmothers memories, so I’m recording mine for my daughters to read and read to me someday as my memory fades.
  • It’s a fun story starter and brings people to your blog
  • It’s a good way to learn more about yourself.
  • It’s a legacy to pass on before you die.
  • I would remind them how amazing it would be to get to read these tales from our parents. Our kids (or other family) will love them just as much. I have also had friends comment how much they’ve loved getting to know me better.
  • It is a unique way to share pieces of you with others around you. It gets those memories written down and ready to be shared with future generations.
  • It’s fun to tell your story and have a bit of an audience. Also, the accountability makes you get it done.
  • So your history is written down….I wish I knew more about my grandparents and I want to be able to pass this information on to my kids and their kids.
  • It gives you a jumping off point. Also its nice to have a community of ladies who are remembering their lives at the same point as you (everyone is on the same page).
  • It’s a great legacy and it’s great to get your memories down now because one day those memories won’t be as clear as they are even now (and it doesn’t matter how old you are or not).
  • It’s a great way to remember your past and record it for your future!

  • You need to leave some of yourself behind for future generations. So your children know your story.
  • Your children and their children will thank you. Everyone says/thinks they’ll write it down, or journal it, but committing to a project provides the motivation to get it done.
  • It’s been an amazing adventure and I have loved each moment. And I think it has been amazing the things I remember each week.
  • Because your memories are what helped shape you. They are how those who come after will remember you. I have lost both grandparents and my mother without fully getting their stories recorded. I won’t make that mistake with my children. While they may not appreciate it now, they and their families will some day.
  • We get so busy with just trying to make it day to day, that sometimes we forgetthat it is important that our children know what events in our lives shaped our character, our marriages, parenting, and just who we and they are. Mommy’s Piggy Tales gives a tremendous amount of encouragement and direction to all those participating. It has been a great experience and I would do it again!
  • It gives you some encouragement & accountability to remember to record important things to later share with your kids.
  • My children need to know their history. I hope it helps them understand why I am the way I am.It’s a great way to get started on history, and to have the chance to read other people’s stories and have a break from everyday blogging.
  • To have some written stories to tell your kids. To enjoy thinking about good memories from your childhood. To reminisce with other family members about growing up.
  • To put your life in perspective, to record for your family and because it is just doggone fun!

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